Tongue & Lip Ties

Tethered oral tissues or Ankyloglossia (often referred to as ‘tongue-tie’) is a congenital condition where the tissues in the floor of the mouth (frenum), lips (labial) or cheeks (buccal) are too tight, thick or poorly positioned. These restrictions can cause significant difficulty with functions of this area of the mouth, including speech, swallowing, correct resting posture of the tongue and lips, feeding and breathing. A functional assessment is an important part of the diagnostic process to determine if this relatively minor procedure is required.


The impact oral restrictions have on individual people varies greatly. Our experienced dentists are trained to evaluate the structural and functional compensations that may be present and help our families make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed with the procedures.


Dr Elina has trained with world-renowned surgeons in the release of these oral restrictions, and works with oromyofunctional therapists, lactation consultants and bodyworkers to help maximise patient outcomes.