Dr Elina Castro

Principal Dentist & Co-Founder

Having graduated in Dentistry at the University Federal do Ceara in Brazil, Dr Elina Castro managed her own private dental surgery before relocating to Australia. After completion of her Orthodontic Mini-Residency and working alongside internationally renowned Orthodontist Dr Derek Mahony, in Sydney, Dr Elina co-founded the Dentofacial Institute with Speech Pathologist Nada Makki-Karnib to pursue her passion for airway centred dentistry.


Dr Elina is an advocate for early interceptive facial orthopaedic treatment, specialising in the early correction of malocclusions with the use of functional appliances and Planas Direct Tracks. She dedicates much of her time to educate her dental colleagues, health professionals, and parents to the signs and symptoms of sleep disordered breathing, and the important of early interceptive treatment.


Dr Elina is also passionate about the benefits of incorporating the Lightwalker laser into her practice. Laser-assisted technology means our patients’ treatments can be quicker, more comfortable and more reliable with this revolutionary technology. Wanting only the best for her patients and their families is what drives Dr Elina on a daily basis, as she continually pursues the best treatment options.

Nada Makki-Karnib

Speech Pathologist & Co-Founder

Nada Makki-Karnib is the principal speech pathologist at Q Speech & Learning Clinic with 20 years of combined experience as a hospital scientist and in private practice. She enjoys working with people of all ages in the treatment of communication and feeding disorders, with a special interest and expertise in Oromyofunctional Disorders.


As co-founders of the Dentofacial Institute and international speakers, Dr Elina Castro Blairs and Nada dedicate most of their professional time to promoting airway and sleep awareness and the impact of these on Dentofacial growth and development, particularly focusing on early interceptive facial orthopaedics. Nada’s collaboration with dental professionals and multidisciplinary approach in the care of her patients seeks to address the root cause of many of the communication and feeding difficulties children present with.

Beatriz Lamar

Laser Specialist

Having graduated from Dentistry in her native Brazil, Beatriz Lamar has combined her clinical expertise and special interest in facial aesthetics to provide our patients with revolutionary laser-assisted treatments. From lip plumping, skin smoothing, scar reduction, removal of varicose veins to snoring treatment, facial aesthetic treatment has never been so comfortable, affordable and effective.


Lamar’s friendly and professional nature helps put our patients right at ease, ensuring the ambiance is conducive to a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Paula Clark

Laser Specialist

Paula Clark completed a Masters degree in Health Service Management and has also obtained a Bachelor Degree in Dentistry. Her formal qualifications and clinical experience teaching at Sydney University have given her a range of practical capabilities that are applicable especially in facial aesthetics in order to deliver the best practice to her clients.


Paula’s expertise and unwavering drive to provide the best level of care for her clients ensures they receive quality, revolutionary care in a comfortable friendly environment.


As a friendly, approachable and passionate professional, Paula Clark enjoys learning new skills and technologies to provide her patients with quality services. She is also passionate about teaching and training, and supporting her colleagues in their professional development.

Dr Venkata Mudunuri 


Dr. Venkata Madhuri Mudunuri is a highly qualified practitioner licensed by New South Wales to provide dental care services to the public. Dr. Mudunuri is also a member of the Australian Dental Association and is currently registered unconditionally from AHPRA – Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency – which will assure that this Miranda Dentist from Miranda Family Dentist will deliver absolute high-standard dental services.


Dr. Mudunuri has been doing the practice or dentistry with other seasoned doctors in New South Wales for more than 9 years and is familiar with the most common problems in dental health. She is friendly with kids and has the ability to remove anxiety from them in a breeze, even with adults as she has mastered relaxation methods towards her patients. Her experience with her soothing personality will remove anxiety, fear, and doubt from any dental patient’s mind and ensure they are in her safe hands.

Dr Mariela Rosa


Dr Mariela Rosa graduated in Dentistry at The Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil in 2008 and having been working as a dentist since then. She dedicated most of her professional life to deeply study Dentistry to offer her patients the best level and modern types of treatments.

Her passion for dental implants and complex rehabilitation lead her to obtain a Specialist Degree in Implantology in Brazil, 2010. She also managed to complete a Master of Philosophy in Dentistry in 2012. During this time, Dr Mariela advanced her knowledge about occlusion and temporo-mandibular joints.

Since 2012, Dr Mariela have been working as a University lecturer providing clinical/laboratory supervisions at Southern Santa Catarinense University, – Brazil, helping undergraduate students to prepare themselves to be the next Dentistry generation.  During this academic experience, Dr Mariela considered to explore and research Dentistry overseas.

She then moved to Australia in 2016 to develop her research at The University of Sydney-NSW where she obtained her Master by Research Degree.  She is now a licensed qualified dentist and also a member of the Australian Dental Association. She has experience with adult treatments, diagnosis, prevention and has a special interesting in dental implants and temporo-mandibular disorders.